DOORS Classic

Highest quality DXL-scripts

We offer a holistic approach for individualizing DOORS 9, this includes:

  • Detailed analysis of the development processes to support
  • Definition of objectives and measures concerning the adaptation
  • Joint planning of plugin development
  • Implementation and documentation of our DXL scripts
  • Unit test using our open-source  dxlUnit framework
  • Roll-out, maintenance and continuous monitoring of our solutions

Example project: Test planning according ISO 26262

The ISO 26262 demands the planning of the test. For this purpose, a test concept must be created. For the test plan, a template has been developed which includes all conceivable scenarios. We have developed a plug-in that automates the tailoring of this template for a current project. The plugin also performs the semi-automatic filling of the test concept. We have developed a traceability method to determine the test coverage of requirements in terms of the requirements of the test plan (and thus the ISO 26262).

DOORS Tailoring Plugin

Example project: Tracing und Trace-Analysis

Comprehensiblity is difficult when many requirements and many test cases are involved. It is even more complicated when requirements are reused and shall be linked with the previous test cases. It is understandable that after each reuse fewer links exist if the linking has to be done manually.
We developed a plugin which automatically links test cases with reused requirements. So called „Suspect Links“ are detected, resulting from the requirements reuse. This „Suspect Links“ are augmented by review notes. In addition, the plugin provides other options for link analysis, e.g.

  • the traceability-analysis of the test coverage concerning to the test concept
  • the traceability-analysis with user-definable rules

DOORS Auto-Linker Plugin