DOORS Next Generation


DOORS Next Generation is different

DOORS Next Generation (DNG) will replace the current version of DOORS. DNG offers many new possibilities – but also a lot of challenges in its usage and during migration. The obvious point is, that DNG is a browser application. Another central issue are new reuse approaches that do not exist in the classical DOORS world. The migration from DOORS to DOORS Next Generation is challenging because in addition to the conceptual differences an important technical difference comes up. The individualization can no longer be done with DXL. DNG is individualized with either a JavaScript API or OSLC Eclipse Lyo.

Example project: Modern requirements templates

Migration does not only mean ‚migrate as is‘. On the contrary! The technological opportunities of the new environment must be utilized in order to modernize your development processes. In a pilot project we have migrated an existing requirement specification template of DOORS Classic to DOORS Next Generation. We have developed a modern template technique that utilizes the artifact orientation of DOORS Next Generation. For example, we propose an artifact module type ‚vehicle function‘. Then, each vehicle function instance is maintained in a single module. Via traceability, specification documents now are ‚only‘ containers, which have incoming trace-links from the artifact instances. This promotes the reuse of specification artifacts in various specifications. In order to improve the applicability of our specification-brick-technique, we are developing a plugin which extends DNG.DNG Beispielschablone